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FlogYaBlog Friday and Project Monday

Heedle deedle people,

Well, a big thanks to the muchly amusing Mummy Time for bringing us FlogYoBlog Friday. Yeeee-haaaa. Flog my blog, baby. I'm always up for a bit of shameless self promotion. Here's her groovy little button thingy....


ETA- Dammit! OK, i thought I'd be clever and include the button in the text. Not. Check out the sidebar for the button.

ETAA- Dammit, dammit. Button still not working. I'll get back to you on this one.

ETAAA- Let's try one more time... Yay! Success (At least i hope so, i am not coming back to edit this bloody thing again).
Do make sure you click on it and have a look at the other bloggers. And I guess you could check out Mummy Time while you are there. Do, she's pretty spunky.

Now, I did commit earlier this week to follow Yankee Lori's Project Monday. I have dutifully been recording all the worries that keep me awake at night, from "I must quit smoking" to "How do I get the Bump out of her hammock and into a cot?" to "How would I transport both my children in the wake of a nuclear disaster?" and back to "I really must quit smoking".

However, because Yankee Lori is obviously in Yankee Land, her Friday is not till tomorrow, so I actually committed to Project Monday on a Tuesday. Which means she won't actually post her Project Monday results until Saturday, which is Yankee Friday. And I don't want to steal her thunder.

Added to that conundrum, I'm going away to a big bogan wedding this weekend. Therefore, the results of Project Monday, which I committed to on a Tuesday, and Yankee Lori will be publishing on Saturday (Friday), will hereby be published either on the Sunday (Monday) or the Monday (Yankee Sunday). You follow? Exxxxcellent, I knew you'd keep up.

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FlogYaBlog Friday and Project Monday + project monday