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Who is this Ed Harvey person? Does he make clothes?

Hey y'all,

It's official, and it's something I need to accept. I am, at the ripe old age of 28, old, out of touch and over the hill.

At least, that's the verdict of the Man's 15 year old niece, who is slightly horrified that i don't own anything, knock off or kosher, branded Ed Hardy. Nor do i covet it. Although I will concede that the nappy bag is pretty cool.... if rather orange.

And I do know it's Ed Hardy, not Harvey, but I'll admit I had to Google that to double check. I own Converse and Doc's, but I've owned them since the last time they were in fashion. I listen to the J's, but the last time I went to a festival The Living End and Something For Kate were head lining. I have no idea what a a 'lud' is. But I do have some concept that an emo involves boys with makeup.

As i said to the man's niece, *cue old, withered voice here*, back in my day, I was given some sage advice by my bestie's mum- "Never date a guy with longer hair or bigger boobs than you". I think we might need to update that for today's youth- never date a boy with longer hair, bigger boobs, or heavier eyeliner than you. Just to be on the safe side.

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Who is this Ed Harvey person? Does he make clothes? + over the hill