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Wordless Wednesday- Why are pirates, pirates?

Because they arrrrrggghhh!!


It's Pirate Day at the Chop's playgroup. Yay! Mummy loves any excuse to rifle through her costume box! Don't I look cool?

Only problem is, Pirate Day is next week. Oh dear. The one thing I promised myself I'd never do as a mummy- get my kid all dressed up with no theme day to go to. I did contemplate rubbing off the mo' and the scar in the carpark, but decided that would look more pathetic, not less. Let's just run with it. We were having our own Pirate Day at home, OK?

I'm not sure whether to file this one under Mothering- Cardinal Sin, or Motherhood- Rite of Passage.

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Wordless Wednesday- Why are pirates, pirates? + wordless wednesday