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Flavours of the Week


I was just about to write a list of My Favourite Things. I may still get around to doing that. But I have so many things that catch my Dory-style (y'know, from Finding Nemo?) short attention span, I thought a Flavour of the Week list might be more appropriate. A What's Hot in the World of Lori. Only I might not do it every week. OK?

Flavours of This Week

AccaDacca- Cause

it's the Black Ice Tour. I'm not normally into Aussie pub rock, but hats off to them for what I've heard is a kick arse show.

Cloth Nappies Cause they are just... so... fluffy. Cushie Tushie, anyone?

Blogging Obviously.

DayCare Blessed be he who invented daycare, giving SAHM's a day a week reprieve from the tyranny of their demanding toddlers.

Hospital Friendliness The Man left the hospital on first name terms with all the nurses, most of the doctors, one of th

e cleaners and the entire cafeteria staff.

Fruit Cake Cause the fruit cake my Gran made me for Christmas is still going.

The Kindness of Strangers It never fails to amaze me how nice people can be when you're struggling with a baby in a sling, a toddler, a nappy bag and a trolley.

Zooper Dooper Ice Blocks The Chop and I are eeking out the last few weeks of the very hot summer with frozen, liquid sugar.

If I'm honest, which I am, this isn't the post I was going to do today. I was going to bring you the further misadventures of Bad Humpty. However, the Man has told me in no uncertain terms that I am a truly twisted individual and shouldn't be posting things like that on the Web.

I'll leave it up to mah followers. What do you reckon? Do you want to see more Bad Humpty, or should I leave it be at one distasteful post, without further sullying my reputaion?

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