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I suck at being sick

Hello (said with a very blocked nose),

I have a head cold, sinusitis and a fever. It happens to me very time the seasons change. I hate it. One thing you need to know about me, if we're gonna be mates- I'm a big wuss.

Sure, I can handle childbirth, no problem. But give me a head cold and I'm the world biggest sook. I cry. I get cranky.

I want my mummy.

The pressure in my head is unbelievable. On the advice of my yoga teacher, I tried 'neti' today. For the uninitiated, I'll allow the picture to explain.

Yep. You get a teapot-kinda-thing filled with warm salty water and pour it through one nostril and out the other. the relief is indescribable. It does feel strange though. And the poor Chop got a shot when he picked up the neti pot, said "Tea pot!" and took a drink from the spout. Yucky.

Luckily, the Man whipped me up some of his Secret Head Clearing Formula in a saucepan on the stove last night. Against his wishes, I'm going to publish the recipe here. Secret no more. Because, let's face it, I suck at cooking and don't publish recipes in my blog very often at all. Just don't drink this one, OK? Really. It's for inhale-ment purposes only.

In a saucepan, add...

Cup or two of water.

Cup or two of white vinegar.

Big splash of white wine or clear alcohol of some kind. (We used some grappa a friends dad brewed for us. Because it's far to potent to actually drink, and we have to do something with it.)

Pinch of dried herbs.

One or two mooshed cloves of garlic.

Salt, pepper, and a dash of olive oil. (Not sue why, but the man swears it is necessary).

Simmer the whole thing on the stove for as long as possible. Stand over and breath it in (be careful of steam burns!) and let it fill the house.

For the full effect, then proceed to finish off what's left of the fore mentioned alcohol, the head off to bed wearing a pair of thick cotton socks.

I kid you not. Even without the getting pissed and the cotton socks, this stuff works like a dream. The Man spent a few months working as an apprentice chef when he was 16- cheers to the old Italian chef he trained under for this one.

**sniffle, sniffle, cough, moan**

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