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Why I bleep out all the f**king swear words in my blog

Ahoy bloggerphiles,

By far, the most common question I am asked by my six gazillion Followers is- Why do you asterisk out all the swear words in your blog? It's the InterWeb, no one cares.

True, that. Well, some of it. Not the bit about the six gazillion Followers. And that question has actually never come up. But the rest of it is, like, totally true. Swear.

Simple answer, really. You see, way back in the day when I first started my blog, I made the executive decision to put a link to it on my Face book profile. The rationale behind this was of course, not for more traffic (of course not, how obsessive do you think I am? Er...don't answer that one), but to keep me honest.

My FaceBook Friends include, among others, my mum, dad, assorted extended family, ex-employers, and the dreaded in-laws. I can say that bit, dreaded, because it's highly unlikely they will be reading this. Unless they are. In which case, hi, I'm joking.

I figured, if I kept a link of my FaceBook to my blog, it would stop me potentially saying very stupid things about people I actually have to live in the vicintiy of. It also keeps me well aware of the fact that people I know in Real Life actually might be reading this. probably not, but the distinct possibility is there.

And in that strange other realm known as Real Life, I have an in-built swear filter. It's a useful thing.A little gadget in my brain that automatically filters out the swear words and blasphemies when I happen to be talking to people I know are God-fearing, smite-fearing, or just plain eloquent and totally not in need of the F-word, or, heaven forbid, the C-word.

You following me? So, on my blog, the swear filter kicks in. Kinda. It forces me to put little characters like t%#s in the middle of any cuss words.Annoying, isn't it? Sorry. But it makes me feel like I'm actually whispering the naughty word behind my hand, rather than saying it loud.

As if any of that makes any sense at all.

So, I leave you with this.


And you can spend the rest of the day (or night, depending on your current continent of residence) wondering exactly which filthy word that one was.

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Why I bleep out all the f**king swear words in my blog + nerd stuff