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Shameless Self Promotion


It's the Blog This 50th Challenge, remember? I posted my 50 Things I Almost Did My Fifty Things List About last week.

And voting is open now. You don't have to be an Aussie, or a Blog This member, to vote.

So...this is one of those posts that should say something like this:

Go on over to Blog This, check out alllll the entries, decide which one you think is the bestest and cast your vote.Instead, I'm going to say this:

Get your sweet little tushes over to Blog This (if you haven't already) and vote for ME, ME, ME. If you can find me. I'm in the second poll, and it's in alphabetical order. OK? OK. Awesomeness. Thank you berry, berry much!!And just in case you missed it, here's the Blog This link again.


Hey, it's like the title of the post says- Shameless Self Promotion. Ringing my own bell, tooting my own horn, singing my own hurrah. Or something.

awesome, blog this challenge, and more:

Shameless Self Promotion + shameless self promotion