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I Love Lucy


Pregnant for the second time, I was absolutely thrilled to find out I was having a baby girl.

Why? Two reasons.

Little pink clothes.

And little pink shoes.

Is there anything more fun, than having a little girl to dress up in pink every day? No, I don't think so.

Being the frugal natured kind of chicky I am, I have an all consuming love of hand me down clothes and shoes. Anything except undies, really. Especially in pink.

So you can imagine my total and utter delight when I got a great big PostPak full of pretty pinkish girls clothes from the totally awesome Lucy at Diminishing Lucy.

Diminished or not, Lucy's taste is exquisite. To demonstrate this, I got the members of the Purple House to model some outfits for you.

Did I mention I love pink? OK, these clothes are a little too big for the Bump as yet, but she will grow into them....

... and I just cannot wait to get her into these gorgeous dresses!

The Man modeled a very cute (pink) dressing gown for me... (See, Man, this is why you should read my blog. then you'd know when I'm putting up unflattering photos, and could take the appropriate actions to stop me. Snooze, you lose).

And the Chop did some modeling too. Kinda. With the PostPak. I did offer him a dress to try on. He said no. I attempted to bribe him with chocolate. He still said no. At that point I realised I was, essentially, bribing my two year old with chocolate so I could take a photo of him in a dress to put on the InterWebs. Not cool, Mum. So I shoved the post bag on his head instead (after cutting out sufficient breathing holes, people).

*ahem* All silliness aside, a huge cyber hug and a massive thank you to Lucy. This is the second bag of girly goodies she's sent me, and I feel very blessed- not just for the clothes, but for the privilege of calling Lucy my mate. There are some people in the world who are just pure of spirit, loving and sweet, and Lucy is one of them.

A huge thanks to you, Miss Lucy Lu, from both myself and my stylish, decked out little Bump.

Note- No pink clothes were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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I Love Lucy + stuff that makes me happy