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"It's Getting Hot In Here..."

... so hot, so take of all your clothes, I am getting so hot...."

Remember that song? Wasn't it crap?

Hold on, wait. Before we go any further, NuffNang is sponsoring this post. But you can win cool stuff. Quite literally, cool stuff. Hehe. Boom tish.

Anyway. Moving on. Summer is just about upon us here in Australia, and I am just so happy I could just bust. I luuurve summer.

Now that I have an air con. And can escape from the blistering, ridiculous forty degree heat.

Have a geeze at this ad. The dude that is in this ad, it used to be me. Only my neighbours weren't quite so trusting. I generally had to jimmy open their locks.

A little-know fact about Lori is, back in the days before I lived in the Purple House with the Man, as I do now, I lived the single life in the Shoebox Flat.

As the name suggests, the ShoeBox Flat was tiny. Three bedrooms, barely big enough for beds. Unsealed wooden floors. No insulation.

And, of course, no air conditioning.

We had a few pedestal fans. That we draped wet tea towels over. (Looking back, that was probably a very, very bad idea. As were most things I did when I was eighteen.)

Cooling off is easier these days, inside and out.

On a few very memorable summer afternoons in the Shoebox Flat, my two flatmates and I took turns jumping in the bath together. Not as kinky as it sounds. We were wearing our swimmers. And the water was just as cold as we could get it. With no bubbles.
In summer, my Flat was an oven. Had I applied baby oil to my skin, I may have just roasted. Excuse me whilst I go baste myself.

Thank the Google God, that is no longer a problem. Bless the Purple House, where we live now, and its huge air conditioning systems.

Jealous? Don't be. Well, do. But not too much. Because the awesome air con people at Panasonic are giving you guys the chance to win a Panasonic Air Con & installation.

Panasonic’s 2010 range of Air Con’s have all the bits and pieces you need to noit feel bad about running your air conditioner this summer. They have this thing called an Eco Patrol sensor that actually detects whether or not there are people in the room, and adjusts the air accordingly. They are super easy to clean, and have an Active E-ion air purification sensor that sucks 99% of the nasties out of the air. So no sneezy runny noses.

To win this awesome prize, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me "What's the most bizarre thing you have done to keep cool?" One comment from all the comments on participating blogs will win this way cool prize (*Ahem* You like that, what I did there? Cool. Just like a Panasonic Air Con.)

And, just to increase my iJealousy, Panasonic have released an iPhone app called the Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard. Using your magic iPhone, you plug in your room size and viola!- up comes a scroll-able doovie thing with all the info about the air con that's right for you. As they say, there really is an app for everything. Except, of course, producing yourself an iPhone out of thin air.

Anyways. Comment, enter, bring on summer!

Oh, and for those who like the fine print, here are the Terms and Conditions.

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"It's Getting Hot In Here..." + yep this ones sponsored