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A Test Post For the Stupid Posessed Commenting System


Either we're all losing our marbles, or something has gone wrong with new Intense Debate comment system.

I swear, yesterday it was working. There was, like, thirty comments on there. Really. I am not hallucinating.

Today I wake up, and there are 4 comments.

Which is odd. What's even odder-er is that those four comments have come from Blogger's commenting platform, not Intense Debate.

So..... think of this post as commenting system heads-or-tails. If Intense Debate appears, we use Intense Debate. If Blogger appears, we use Blogger. And we add Intense Debate to the list of InterWebby Things I Want To Stab and Drown, besides such other prestigious sites as Disqus, MySpace and TotalArseHole TotalArtSoul.

I'm sure there is. But I can't think of them right now. Thanks anyway, RecipeApart

I am really not sure why all the commenting platforms freaking hate me so much. It may be the continual conceited blasphemy toward the Google God. It may be my conceited tendency to be conceited (*ahem* did I mention the Bloggess commented on my blog???). It may just be because I. Talk. Too. Much. Or maybe- conspiracy theory ahead- this is FaceBooks way of screwing with me because I spend to much time on Twitter.

If Google is the God, FaceBook is the devil. And Twitter is, like, Oprah.

Or something.

Anyway. Heads or tails? Blogger or Intense Debate...? Let's see, shall we?

To infinity, and beyond!!*

*Sorry. Mr Chop is on a Toy Story thing at the moment. I have watched nothing but Toy Story for the last two freaking weeks. Did someone say "Buzz has a Woody"? No... wait....

Stop Presses FeedBurners- Thanks to Fibro Al for letting me know that some people aren't seeing any comment system here at all. Bye bye now, Intense Debate. See you in the next cyber life.
And Blogger it is. Well played, Blogger, well played....

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A Test Post For the Stupid Posessed Commenting System + Google God