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Dorothy The Dinosaur is Evil (Still)

On the 19th of December, my husband Tony and I took our son Chop to the Wiggles concert. It's such a beautiful memory for me. I wrote this post not long after. Like many more, it's been sitting in my drafts folder ever since.

So... a light one. Because, ludicrously, somehow, I still have my twisted sense of humor.

Thia one's in honour of The Man. My man. My Tony. A family man. A great husband, a brilliant father, my best mate. And just an all round top bloke.

Love you babe.

Hot potato!

Because 'The Wiggles' is one of the most Google-searched terms on this blog (Yes, really. I know.) I've blogged about the Wiggles in general- and the inherent evilness of Dorothy the Dinosaur in particular- I thought I'd fill you all in on the stuff I learnt when the Chop, the Man and I attended the humongous Wiggles In The Round Greatest Hits concert recently. (And, yes, we left the Bump at home. Slack much, or what?).

Look closely at this picture and tell me who Dorothy reminds you of. And then tell me that she is not, in fact, evil. I dare you.

I'll begin by saying- this concert was epic. Too cool for pre-school. The biggest thing since juice boxes. This was like the return of AC/DC for the ABC'ers. Or something. (Boom tish, Lori.)

Whatever. A huge thanks to Ungle Grog and Auntie Gemmy for purchasing the tickets for the Chop's third birthday. A small boo to Uncle Grog for busting his shoulder joint and having to send the Man in his place, but that's not the point of this story.

Stop talking, Lori. On with the show.

Stuff I Learnt* From The Humongous, Epic, Way-Cool Wiggles Greatest Hits In The Round Concert.

*Kiddy concerts are really just merchandising traps for parents. $20 for a fiber optic light spinner thingie. $20. I kid you not. It was the first show I've ever been to where the program was cheaper than the tatty merchandise. (I just went looking for al ink there and realised I haven't told you jellybeans about my super-nerdy collection of show programs. Remind me to blog about that, one day soonish).

*And food traps. One carton of hot chips (Man forget the sauce, bless his smelly cotton socks), two bottles of Coke and one apple juice- $20. Dear Google God, the humanity.

*That freaking Dinosaur is everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I probably should have expected that, but still... she even came home with us.


*On a more positive note, Dorothy the Dinosaur also fell on her head. Lots of acrobatic in this show, folks, including trapeze, Russian silks and floor work. Apparently, a large green and yellow spotted tail does make one very nimble in the forward rolls. And Dorothy Stab-Me-Now Dinosaur landed on her head. I laughed. The Man frowned at me. The Chop didn't even notice. The performers on stage made a huge slapstick joke of it. Which was awesome. And totally expected. Because....

*These guys are consummate showmen. The Wiggles rock hard. They managed to make this a show little kids could enjoy, and not get bored with, in the hugeness of the Acer Arena. They ad-wiggled and laughed. They personally went down into the audience to collect freaking Dorothy's roses and bones for Wags, and gave out hugs and high fives while they were there. And Anthony Wiggle even stopped the show at one point to give one special needs kid a hug and get him a round of applause from the audience. Altogether now- awwwwwwww. Be still, my toot toot chugga chugga big red heart.

*Anthony is definitely the hottest Wiggle. If there were a hot Wiggle. Which, of course, there isn't. *Ahem* *Cough* *Wigglelove*

*But Sam is pretty darn cool. I take it all back, everything I said about Sam being a terrible impostor who just doesn't cut the fruit salad the way Greg did. The Man even went so far as to say that Greg "is dead to him now". Which is slightly melodramatic, but I do understand his point.

*Whatever. To the Chop, Sam is Greg is Sam anyway, but they're both called Greg. The power of the yellow skivvie.

*Lastly, Acer Arena is a very trusting kinda place. Of parents and grand parents and what not, at least. We didn't have our tickets checked once. Not once. But I'm not sure they instill the same trust in their pint-sized pre-school concert goers, considering the signage they had displayed for them.

No moshing, no stage diving. Indeed. A wise idea. The crowd absolutely went off- like a frog in a footie sock- when the Big Red Car came out.

* There was much discussion on Twitter- well, not really, it was more like a wee bit of discussion, if I'm honest, as to whether the correct word is "Learnt" or "Learned". Spellcheck says "Learned". Spellcheck is usually wrong. I'd much appreciate your input on this extremely important ishoooooo in the comments section. Thankyouverymuch.

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