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A very quick update. From Lori. I am so numb right now, I'm not sure what to think. Every second, every minute of this, is a nightmare. A rollercoaster.

Yeasterday, my husband was responsive to touch and touch. He moved his feet and opened his eyelids. I was able to tell him I love him, and I forgive him and that I know what happened was just a horrible, horrible accident.

Today, the miracle we had yesterday appears to have been a temporary one. All responses are gone. The best indication is that severe brain damage is setting in. It is highly likely, at this point in time, that we turn off Tony's life support without the next few days.

I can't begin to explain here.... my life is gone. My heart is broken. I am functioing, because I must, but inside I am broken.

Please, keep praying. My husband is not responding 'normally' to what they believe is happening and they still don't quite know what is going on. One day, one second at a time. His blood pressure is through the roof, and that needs to come down for anything to get better.

Please, keep us in you prayers. I can feel your support and your love and your best wishes, and it buoys me in my dark hours. I do not know know what is happening. My life, my circumstances, are changing every second. I am only just barely hanging on.

But you lot are constant. I love you. i will never forget this. Thankyou, with everything I have.

And please keep praying for my Tony. Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

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