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The Sweetest Thing

I was very lucky, in the months following Tony's death, to receive all kinds of packages, from all over the world, filled with all kinds of lovely things.

They were little spots of sunshine, every one. A few minutes a day,opening packages with my children, still crying, but in a better way. Shedding tears over the number of people who cared, the number of people who went out of their way to show kindness to a woman and a family they'd never met.

Every one of them of them was special, and I'll probably do a few posts on them on the future.

But one, in particular, just.... well. You'll see.

I received a huge package from a family in new South Wales.It was packed with goodies- shampoo, deodorant, and make up for me, movie tickets, clothes for my kids, beach towels, food... the list goes on.

And nestled within it was this.

Which came with this note.

"This is from my 6 year old son. He wanted to make Lori something to make her feel better. He has also sent her a 10 cent coin. He only had 15 cents in his piggy bank and wanted Lori to have 'the big one'. He does not yet understand the value of money :)
He said that he hope she loves her bracelet and that it helps her to feel better. he has sent her money so that Lori will have enough money to make her and her children happy again.
From James- 6 years old."

James, I can't even tell you how happy this made me. It made me smile when all i could do was cry. You are a very special, very kind little man and I am very proud of you.

Sometimes, it's just the sweetest, simplest things... they take the edge of the grief.

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The Sweetest Thing + thank you