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I love IKEA.

An IKEA catalogue is the equivalent of pornography for house mums such as myself. Add in a self confessed tendency for being ever so slightly.. well... I'd like to say 'organised', but others may say 'anal'; and we have match made in flat packed Heaven.

I perform a yearly pilgrimage to the mecca that is IKEA. Tony hated it. He tried to take shortcuts through the store. Any good IKEAphile knows that is just not allowed. One must trek the entire IKEA store, lest you miss out on some awesome bargain, like a bag of bread clips or a bamboo fruit bowl. One must also take a paper measuring tape and pocket it at some point during the journey. Novices may also pocket the pygmy IKEA pencils, but you get over that once you become a more seasoned, serious pilgrim.

Back when I worked as a clown I spent a lot of time working in the IKEA kids department. I adore the kids department. From the little egg chairs that you can close yourself in to the massive range of wooden and soft toys, educational and cute.

This Christmas, IKEA is donating 1 pound (I don't know where the pound sign is on my keyboard, I'm not even sure I have one. But that works out to roughly $1.40 Straylan.) from every soft toy purchased between November 1 and December 24 to UNICEF and Save The Children. It may not sound like a lot, but it adds up quicker, and makes for a much happier 2012 for a lot of people. And God knows I'm all for a much happier 2012.

To say Merry Christmas to RRSAHM readers, IKEA has given me a pack of their new CIRKUS toys to give away. Quite fitting, really. We gots a set of building blocks (that's me on the left), a LEKA (Swedish for 'bunny in hat', obviously), a KLAPPAR (I'm not really sure what that's Swedish for), and my personal favorite...

.... a puppet studio. Stuff the kids, I will have hours of fun with this.

OK, jellybeans. The last time I asked this question on my blog, no one bleeping answered. Here's hoping we have better luck this time. To win an IKEA CIRKUS pack, valued at $37.96, answer me this...

If you were in the circus (or CIRKUS, as the case may be), what would you be? If you want to be the ringmaster, get your own circus. That's my job.

You have until midnight AEST on Friday 16 December to answer, here, by leaving a comment. The answer that amuses or confuses me the most wins. Sorry overseas jellybeans, but this one is Australian entrants only. My judgement is final and no discussion or narkiness will be entered into. Winner will be contacted by email (please leave a valid email address with your comment), and announced on the blog, Twitter and FaceBook. To disclaim and disclose, I haven't been paid for this post- it's for charity, people- but I was sent a pack of the IKEA CIRKUS toys for the kidlets.

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