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Impact Statements- Government WorkPlace Bullying Review

If you're given a chance to confess she details of something you've kept to yourself for more than eighteen months, in a controlled environment where the backlash to yourself and your kids will be minimal... you take it.

This is an open, public invite from the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment. I'm going to copy and paste it directly so I don't stuff up any of the details, which I have been known to do.

Please be advised of an upcoming public hearing for the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment inquiry into workplace bullying on 17 August 2012 in the Main Committee Room at Parliament House in Canberra.

Invited organisations will appear to give evidence on the public record from 8:30 am to 12 noon.

I wish to advise that there will be an opportunity for you to share your personal story of workplace bullying, if you wish, during a one hour-long Impacts Statement session commencing at 12:05 pm. This session will be closed, namely only those giving a statement will be permitted to remain in the room and all present asked to respect the confidentiality of that shared information.

The evidence will be recorded by Hansard but only for private use by the secretariat and you will be identified to the Committee only by your initials.

If you would like to speak during that session the secretariat will have a list that morning for you to self nominate. Each person will have 5 minutes.
It possibly goes without saying that I will be there. If you have a story to tell, something that's relevant and needs to be liberated from the silence that surrounds it... maybe you should come, too. And if you do, please come and say hello.

Mark Twain says that all it takes for evil to flourish if for good men to do nothing. All it takes for a culture of acceptance and silence to continue is for a society of people to say nothing at all... it's easier that way.

For now. Until the tragedy becomes yours, and the things you were ignoring explode when you're not looking.

If nothing else comes of this, of what my kids and I have had to endure...

If nothing else, then let people speak.

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Impact Statements- Government WorkPlace Bullying Review + stuff that makes me happy