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Fly With Me

Years ago, even further back than the Before in a period known as the BC (Before Children), I was a clown. I learnt to face paint, tie balloons, unicycle and juggle...

... but nobody ever had the public liability insurance to cover us for the amazing, death-defying flying trapeze.

The awesome people from RedBalloon obviously knew this when they sent myself and my mate Auntie Mickey on a #RedBalloonMums mission to publicly humiliate myself on the equivalent of a giant, adult-sized Jolly Jumper without all that comfy elasticity.

And I ended up having the most freaking awesome time.

Enjoy. I did. I'd call it a natural high... but what's natural about swinging around fifty foot off the ground.

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Thanks to the team at Digital Parents
Collective for inviting
me to be a part of the RedBalloon Experience Program. Stay tuned- more awesomeness, including Lori in a wetsuit, coming over the next six months-ish. As
always, all opinions are my own (because no one else would want them...?) however the experiences are

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