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Internet Dating v 3.0- Dear Brad

Dear Brad*,

It's not really that I'm particularly offended by the fact that you are going “to be keeping to yourself for a while. Laying low and focusing getting priorities and head/health together”. After all, that's perfectly understandable.

It's not even that I think you might just be full of sh*t when you say that, given that your internet dating profile states you are 'Holding out' and you confessed, on our very first date, that "dating online makes finding sex easier, but finding love more difficult. If you don't like everything about that person, there's another fifty women out there that might do it for you.”

And, truly– and it's taken me time to be able to say this in all honesty– it's not even that I feel like a total dick for not cutting and running at the exact moment you said that. And, honestly, it's not because I feel, sordidly, like I've been used for your pleasure. No, really, it's not.

It's more to do with the fact that you told all about how you've thinking about where you “are atm” (sic), and that you “hope I understand” by text message, less than twelve hours after parting company with me.

And, really, it's the fact that you didn't even have the man-balls to answer the phone after that.

Finally– although I totally get you're not responsible for the behavior of the entire male species– I just will never understand why you men feel the need to go putting yourself all over Internet dating websites saying how you’re 'looking for something long term' and 'want a relationship'...

And then consider where you're at and whether you really want one at all? Surely that's something that could have been bought to my attention f*cking YESTERDAY?

Or is this just the new way of saying that same old thing, “it's not you, it's me”?

Whatever. I don't f*cking know. And, quite frankly, I'm too pissed off and disillusioned to care. Although I do remember telling you that only the real arseholes make it onto my blog...


Yours sincerely,

*This may not be Brad's real name. But it's quite likely that it is.

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