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The Ship Model Builder's Assistant
The Ship Model

This book needs no introduction. Charles G. Davis was the leading light in the Marine Research Society of Salem, Massachusetts, between the wars. A naval architect by profession, he used his practical experience of shipbuilding to advance the techniques of model making from the rather crude 'sailor-made' objects of the time to the 'museum-standard' ideal of today.

26 years ago, I purchased this book brand new when I was a member of the Alberta Ship Model Society for the meager price of $34.

My humble opinion, worth every penny! I used this book to build the USS Constitution which is featured in this blog. What is of significance, and worth mentioning is the Appendix with tables. Davis lists a plethora of sparring systems, dimensions of spars, masts, sails, rope rigging, etc.

Seeing how I want to get into building some scale table top war-gaming models [1" = 100'] like Mr. McNarry did, this book will help me with some scale conversion. Lots of research and mathematics ahead of me, however I am up for the challenge as if you're not learning you might as well be dead.

A bit of nostalgia, the father of Mr.Davis was a clerk to Admiral Farragut. Also approximately 26 years to this day I was saved! Truly today is a day to celebrate what the Good Lord has done for me and my family. On another note my mom continues to improve with her bout of the shingles.

A good and prosperous weekend to all who frequent this blog.

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The Ship Model Builder's Assistant + nostalgia