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Do I dare confess I don't drink vodka?

Is it possible that i have missed some kind of revolution here...? Am I the only blogging mum who doesn't understand the importance of vodka? Because it seems references to it are everywhere. I'm beginning to think that maybe you ladies are onto something- the qualities of vodka in direct relation to coping with small children (or teenagers. or tweens. any offspring, really) are sorely underrated.

Not that I don't have my addictions, believe me, I do. I come from a very, very long line of people with addictive personalities. One side of my family is particularly twisted and depressing, and includes gambling problems, alcohol addictions, compulsive shopping and serious nose picking problems... oh, sorry, it's you. My apologies, for a moment there I thought I was talking to my shrink.

So, where was i? Ah yes.. with that kind of history, I'm actually quite lucky that the worst I came out with was a serious nicotine addiction. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a slummy mummy who has a fag hanging out of her mouth while she pushes her kid on the swing at the playground. I reserve my cigarette smoking for when the kids are asleep. But when they do sleep, well, just call me a chimney **insert filthy smokers cough here**.

It's got to stop, really. But honestly, I don't drink, so the vodka is out for me, my husband refuses to give me gratuitous cunnilingus or back massages, and the last time I had a joint was years ago. What else is a women supposed to do for stress relief?

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Do I dare confess I don't drink vodka? + vodka