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Yep, I've got a love bite on my boobie. No, it's not from my husband

Well, after taking about 15 photos in an effort to graphically illustrate this blog entry, I finally came up with one that is only mildly pornographic, mostly because it features only a tiny bit of me, and a large bit of my kitchen sink. So, unless there a lot of people into that kind of thing, it won't attract too many weirdos*

So, yeah, I gotta hickey on my boob. In the spirit of being amusing, I'll give you a multiple choice questionnaire as to how it got there.

Your options are

a) It's the product of an illicit, sordid affair**

b) It was the end result of an incident that involved cat hair, a cardigan and a DustBuster.

c) It was caused by one very hungry baby strapped into a sling ten minutes past feed time.

Your time starts... now.

And... time's up. Those who chose option c), give yourselves a pat on the back. Those of who chose option b), I'm quite impressed with your active imagination. Those who chose option a), I'm very, very disappointed in you. But thanks for playing.

*Not that I have anything against you weirdos.

** This position is currently open! Those wishing to apply, please contact 0410 RRSAHM. We choose not to discriminate against weirdos.

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Yep, I've got a love bite on my boobie. No, it's not from my husband + Boobies