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Dear Man, i would like a new phone

To my darling, wonderful, handsome, sexy Man,

i would really like a new phone. You keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my old one, and i suppose you are right. Except for the fact that the battery is screwed, the screen is popping off, the internet is useless and the keypad is actually bigger than the screen. imagine! We are not living in the dark ages here, you know. Keypads are so, like, 2006.

So, if you could find it in your heart to one day in the very near future purchase me a new phone, i would muchly appreciate it. One on a capped plan, remember, we really don't want a repeat of the episode a few years back where i racked up a $900 phone bill in one month.

To make things interesting, i'm not even going to tell you what kind of phone i would like. i really do think i have made it quite obvious.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration,
Your loving wife, mother of your children, washer of your clothes, cooker (sometimes) of your food, fetcher of your takeaway, goddess of your bedroom. Get the picture?

P.S. A pink one would be awesome, thanks.

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Dear Man, i would like a new phone + the man