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The View From Casa de Chop


In the spirit of self flagellation, I'm again entering a Blog This challenge. It's Number 37- A Room With A View.

And again, my problem is- my life is, well... boring. Very boring. To prove this point, here is the view from our bathroom window. A grey brick wall.

Fascinating stuff.

Therefore, I will take thee, readers, to a much more interesting place- the very epi-centre of the imagination of a two year old boy.

So here's the room- Casa de Chop. Complete with drawn on elevator buttons. The kid has a thing for elevators. Weird, I know.

Casa de Chop has been around for a while now. It's previous tenant was a large toolbox shelf-ie thing-ie that the Man bought himself for Christmas. The box came with a weight limit of 51 kilograms- it's a tough one, it'll be around for a while yet.

Here's the view from the room, from a two year old perspective.

And here's the view of the room, from our perspective.

So, you can keep your castles, beaches, buildings and clouds- it doesn't get any sweeter than this.

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The View From Casa de Chop + Photos