Super Sonic + Piercing

Ha! Recognise, Hot Piercer Dude!


Well, I am muchly pleased to announce that the terrible episode of social awkwardness that we will call the Bloody Expensive Piercing has a happy epilogue.

Here's a new piccie of the Bloody Expensive Piercing. Cause I like it better than the last one.

Anyways, a friend of ours went and got tattooed by Hot Piercer Dude's brother a few days ago, and happened to be chatting to Hot Piercer Dude. He mentioned that I had come in and got my nose pierced....

Now, apparently at the mention of "nose pierced", Hot Piercer Dude blanched slightly and said

"F#%k! How did I not recognise her? Omigod, how will I face her again? Tell the Man he has a $70 in store credit".

And then proceeded to confess that he thought I was a young (20-ish) arrogant young chick who was stupid enough to get pierced without first asking for a price (true-ish), and therefore charged me double.


Sucks to be you, Hot Piercer Dude.

$, happy, and more:

Ha! Recognise, Hot Piercer Dude! + Piercing