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Is that a cow?


Firstly, please excuse the total crapness of the photos. They were taken on my useless mobile phone. As we have already established, I really, really need an iPhone. We can add "blurry bovines" to the list of reasons why.

This is the sorry scene that greeted the Chop-a-lop and I as we attempted to visit our muchly coolness local playground last week.

Yep, that's a cow.

And so's this one.

Odd, no? Two cows. Keeping in mind that we live in the leafy Sydney 'burbs, full of indentical two storey Lego houses split up with occasional enforced green space, and not a dairy farm in sight.

Rumour has it that either these are bovines of the immature variety, who broke free of their moorings to come have a play at our playground with it's fully slick double slippery dip.

Either that, or they are actually bovines of the teenage variety, who snuck out the night before to undertake recreational activities under the shelter of said fully slick slippery dip, then were a bit too red-eyed to find their way home again.

Whatever. Till the cows come home, as they say.

The funniest part of this whole thing was not so much the cows themselves, but the cavalry that was called in to deal with them. Two cop cars, three council trucks, and various local rubber-neckers (including yours truly, Lori).

Tell you what though, the blog muse is being exceptionally kind this week. That one was just too easy.

Oh, and a very happy FYBF to all the Brenda-worshipees, myself included. If you're not one, become one- check out number one on the McLinky and join the BlogFlogging conga line.

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Is that a cow? + random