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Google hates my guts

Dear Mr Google,

I'm not sure what I have done wrong. But it appears that you do not like me very much at the present moment. You have been systematically kicking me off the Follow list of all my favorite blogs. Like Sarah's, Brenda's, Kristin's and Yankee Lori's.

Why is this? I demand an explanation. I demand satisfaction. Is it because I steal images from your cache? Is it because I use your search engine auto correct skills when I am too lazy to figure out how to spell long word myself? Is it because I ask you stupid questions, like "Does a Southerly wind blow from the North or the South?".

I suppose it could be any number of those things. Whatever. You hate me. That's OK. I don't like you very much either.

The Man and I have a theory about you, Mr Google. One day, a few millenia down the beaten track, you will be worshiped. As. A. God. The Google God. The God of information. Worshiped at strange alters that become bigger and flatter as generations pass.

The Google God is a vengeful God.

Whatever. You still make me cranky, Mr Google. God or no. You, and this bloody baby that has not stopped screaming ALL FREAKING DAY.


Yours in whaddya-mean-that-image-is-copyright-protected?



P.S. Seriously super sorry to anyone who has been kicked of my Follow list, or to anyone who Mr Google has made me de-Follow. Bastard. I think I've re-Followed everyone. If I missed you, please let me know. Thanking you berry much.

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