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The Muse Wars Challenge Seven- The Hand of God

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Her's my entry into the Muse Wars-Challenge Seven. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read all about it.

I had fun writing this one, even if it gets a bit absurd. And it doesn't fit quite as well with the picture as my others did, sorry about that peoples.

The Hand of God

On the rare occasion that town meeting was needed, the school hall was used.

It had been a while. Why, the last time there was an uproar like this the whole town had been moved. It had quite literally been a dark few days there, waiting to see what would become of them.

But things had turned out OK. This time, it didn't seem quite the same. The people were really in a flap.

"He's done it this time!" Mrs Bouquet's face was red. Her un-creasable green suit was same as always, her hair and hat set in position. But you could see just from the blush that crept up her neck that she was livid.

"I never asked for sea views! I don't want sea views!! This is not what I signed up for! Good grief, what does he think he's doing, just going and putting in a beach like that!?"

"Now, now" intoned the mayor. He was the mayor, of course, because he was wearing the top hat. "Let's not lose our heads. That happened to the Baker, you know, and God took him away and he never came back".

"But he just can't do that without consulting us!"

"The trains will rust up something awful, what with all that salty air". This was spoken in unison by the three identical station masters in blue station master suits.

Outside the schoolroom window, a plump police officer ran past, baton in hand. He had been chasing the same black and white striped burglar for days now.

The Hand of God reached in. He lifted the lid of the schoolhouse. The people froze.

Mr Walker lovingly replaced his figures in their positions, one by one. Perhaps his wife was right. His imagination certainly ran away with him sometimes. He was almost embarrassed at the thought. A man of his age.

But even that thought couldn't wipe the small smile of his face. He'd bought the Livingstone Model RailWay Lighthouse Set, with a life-like ocean scenery, off EBay a week ago. And he'd been wondering how his train set would look with a beach, ever since.

My third grade teacher was an absolute train nut, and had a double garage to house his train set. It seemed very appropriate to name 'God' after him.

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The Muse Wars Challenge Seven- The Hand of God + writing challenge