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The Crappest Give Away Ever!!

Mushi mushi blogsters,

How we all doing? It's been a few months since I've been 'real blogging', and I have discovered something I never thought I would find in the blogosphere.

Everyone seems to really, really like giveaways.

There has been a Ipod at Kellyansapansa, there's fitness stuff at Diminishing Lucy, and Blog This even runs a whole post once a week-ish-ly on who's giving what away.

I'm sad to say, this is one meme that doesn't really tickle my pickle. No offence to any of you doing it- I certainly admire your prowess and dedication. It's not you, it's me. As we've established before, I am lazy. Too lazy to enter competitions, too lazy to run one.

I've thought about it, though. If I were going to run a competition, I think I would have to give away a massive bucket of jellybeans, To celebrate the new makeover, of course. What a bloody brilliant, genius, super idea, Captain Obvious. You're tops.

Then, on further thought- postage, prize draws- heaven forbid I might even have to get all technical like Kelly and break out the spread sheets- I kind of decided I really just couldn't be arsed.

So, I'll leave it up to you, constant readers- If I ran a competition, given away a massive vessel of some description (for massive read- slightly big- and for vessel, read maybe a bucket) fulled to the brim with jellybeans, would you enter? Would you link to me lots-ly? Would you bribe people to Follow me?

Let me know. And hey, if jellybeans aren't your thing, you have the option of the runner up prize. Dim Sum the house cat. The last time I tried to give him away was unsuccessful. He's still looking for his ticket outta here.

No, seriously, though, about the jellybeans. Kinda. Is it the crappest give away ever, or what?

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