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I'm Blogging Nude

No, not really. But that certainly got your attention, didn't it? Weirdos.

The very awesomeness Jodie at Mummy Mayhem is running a very special meme today (Well, actually, it's tomorrow, and I'll edit the linky list in then. I got all excited and jumped the gun. Sad but true.) It's called Bloggers Without Makeup and it is one truly brilliant idea. And muchly self explanatory, really. I suggested 'Bloggers In the Raw' where we all get nekkid, but no one else seemed too keen on that idea. I'm still up for it. Let me know if you want in. I'm only kind of joking, really.

I'm a basic make up kinda chicky. I discovered the wonders of mascara at the tender age of fourteen and I've been hooked ever since. I did go through a phase there in high school of doing a full foundation, concealer, blush, lip liner and lip stick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, and then some highlighter
on my cheekbones.

I'm happy to say I've grown past that.

But I do wear a smidgem of eyebrow pencil, some eyeliner and a lashing of mascara every single day. Rain, hail or yoga class. Leave the house or not. It just makes me feel better. And isn't that the aim of the game?

Which brings me to here. The Aussies have probably already seen this damn cool magazine cover, featuring three Aussie celebs sans make up artistry.

Ain't Ricki Lee cute, with her freckles? That's the brunette, OS'ers. She's a funky size 14 and she rocks hard.

Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog? did a post not too long ago on the photos we use as our blog pictures and our Twitter pictures. I hate to say, I'm not even guilty of picking a pretty one. My Twitter and FaceBook pictures are of me holding a camera over my face. As is that one on the top left. And I use my Random Button for everything else.

On the off chance I do publish a photo of me, it's normally from my wedding album. Less than a year old, $200 worth of hair and make up. They look damn good. And let's face it- for that price, they oughtta.

So... here I am, ladies and jellyfish. Lori, totally nude without a stitch of make up on. And bad lighting to boot.

Not too shabby, eh? (Just watch what you say here people. I know where you live. Well, not really. But I'm bloody sure the Google God can help me find you).

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