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Mummies don't get sick. Like hell

Howdley ho,

As we've established before, I don't do sickness well.

The Purple House has been struck down by the Dreaded Tummy Bug.

Honestly, call me insane, but I'd be more than happy to trade childbirth for the last 24 hours. Give me labor over gastro any day. Three or four time over. Seriously.

In my usual craptastic fashion, I've just signed up for May's NaBloPoMo. And I figured wussing out on the second day due to just a little vomiting was not in good form.

So here I am. Kind of. In my fevered, delusional state. Anyone who has me on FaceBook will know I was actually half through watching Paranormal Activity when I was stricken with this bug. Which is leading me to think that The Man's 15-year-old niece may be right and that movie really is evil.

Or maybe not.

Logging off now, before I say something really stupid. Too late, you say? Maybe.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the fetal position. Hugging the toilet bowl.

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Mummies don't get sick. Like hell + vent