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Stupid Things Lori Does (When She Is Sick)

Why hello there,

Please enjoy the following list of all the reasons I just should not socialise, in any way, shape or form, virtual or otherwise, while I am sick and fevered.

I almost got narky at B's place.

I f**ked up and published Kristin's guest post on the wrong day.

And totally forgot to do an announcement about my guest post. Which is here, in case you missed it.

I lost my car keys. Well, actually, I didn't lose my car keys, but I thought I did. It's a long story. One that ended with me, on the payphone at the local shops, babe in arms, sobbing to The Man.

Allow me to elaborate.

I drop the Chop off with a mate, and run to the shops with Bump, to pick up the required supplies- lemonade, Hydralite iceblocks, frozen lasagna for dinner so The Man's stomach does not get cranky. I lug my sweating, fevered self back to the car, throw groceries and baby in. (Well, not literally throw the baby in, you know what I mean.)

But where are my keys?

Obviously they are here somewhere. They must be. I just unlocked the car. Or did I...? Maybe I left it unlocked to start with?

Who knows. A further 45 minutes, trudging the shops, looking for lost keys; one horrible moment when I realise I don't even have my mobile phone with me, having left it at home in my rush to get to the shops. Two tearful, sobbing payphone calls to The Man. Quite a few people looking at me rather oddly.

And one moment of absolutely kicking my own ass when I realise my keys are, in fact, right where I left them. Tucked into the canopy of the Bump's pram. Which I swear I checked, three or four times over the course of this whole drama.

Therefore I have decided it's safer for all involved if I just stay put, silent, until I'm feeling better.

I'm sure you all understand.

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Stupid Things Lori Does (When She Is Sick) + vent