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Dogs are better than chocolate-The Pedigree Adoption Drive

Why hello there,

The Aussies amongst us may just have heard about the Pedigree Adoption Drive that's going on at the moment. The lovely ladies from Nuffnang are helping them out. And here is my little contribution. A list of reason why dogs are, in fact, better than chocolate.

"Really? Surely, Lori, you are just pulling our leads (so to speak)? How can anything be better than chocolate?"

I know, I know, it sounds insane.But trust me with this one. Let's take a closer look.

My own beautiful better-than-chocolate puppy, Scarlette.
Dogs don't make you fat.
In fact, walking them actually keeps the weight off! Imagine!

Dogs don't give you holes in your teeth.
Although they may just put holes in your shoes.

It doesn't matter if you buy the cheap brand or the expensive one.
With a dog, the satisfaction is still the same.

Too cute piccie from here

You don't have to worry about whether your puppy is Free Trade.
Especially if you get him through the Pedigree site.

Dogs are more effective than chocolate for PMS.
Because they are a hot water bottle, best friend, box of tissues and sounding board all in one. And they don't argue back (Or tell you to get up off the lounge, stop this crying and get on with things. If they could talk, they might say that. But they can't. So we're all good.).

Dogs don't melt in the car on hot days.
Ummm.. kinda. Not as quickly as the chocolate, anyway.

Angry puppy saying "Not funny, Lori" stolen from here.

I think I've settled my case. Chocolate is one of the bestest substances know to man and woman- especially to woman- and we still managed to find at least five quite valid reasons why puppies kick choccie's butt.

So, go on, click the link. If you can't adopt a puppy, donate some moula to help feed and care for the dogs waiting for new families. Just remember- a puppy is for life, not just for promotions. OK? OK.

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Dogs are better than chocolate-The Pedigree Adoption Drive + stuff that makes me happy