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We Dance

Mushi mushi,

I am the proud mother a toddler with an impeccably short attention span (bless him).

Way back in the BC (Before Children) I had naive visions of what being a Stay At Home Mum to a toddler would be like. In my head, it involved organising daily craft activities, with crayons and glue and sparkly things. I had visions of playdough and cooking. I had visions of lining up MatchBox cars and shooting them across the floor.

None of these things have happened.

My child is a whirlwind, picking up things to drop another, babbling, running, jumping. I have a shelf full of craft supplies, a box of puzzles, tubs of PlayDough, none of which hold his attention. He just cannot sit still for long enough.

And so, we dance.

My Chop and I, we spend our days bopping, grooving, singing, clapping, twisting, boogying, shaking and occasionally doing the Macarena. As you can see in the photos.

I was working as a children's entertainer while I was pregnant with my little man, and sometimes I wonder if it was the constant in-utero exposure to upbeat, repetitive kid's music that has given him his love of rhythm, beat and all things Wigglish.

Music plays all day in The Purple House. The Chop's favorite toys are his guitar and his keyboard. Tucked away in my closet is a mini drum set that the poor kid peers at mournfully every few days. It's for his third birthday.

Yep, I'm a mean mummy like that. The box is huge, OK? There is nowhere out of a toddler's line of sight to hide the bleeping thing.

There are very few actual games, per se, in our house at the moment. It's all singing, all dancing.

It drives me up the wall.

But I'm OK with that.

Dontcha love the nappy hanging out the back? Goodness knows how I'm going to keep this kids pants up once he's toilet trained!!

I can only hope that the Chop's musical tastes expand beyond the Wiggles as he gets older.

Or, at the very least, that he'll inherit his mum's love of board games. And I'll finally have someone to play Guess Who with.

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We Dance + stuff that makes me happy