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Let's Play "What The Hell Is That?!"

Howdly doodly readeroonies,

It's time for the first-and-possibly-only-ever game of "What The Hell Is That?!" here at RRSAHM.

Object One.

This one's a multiple choice, mmmkay? Is the following object

a) An after-dinner mint from a cheap and nasty family restaurant?


b) A tampon?

*Answer to this one published tomorrow. I know, it'll keep you up tonight.

Object Two

This is more of a comprehension-style question.

The Man seems to think that these are, in fact, relaxing gel eye-pad thingies. You know the ones. And the Man also seems to think that I stole them from the ooh-la-la ShangriLa hotel where we stayed recently for our first wedding anniversary.

I can positively assure you that I did not pinch them. I promise. I'm not that kinda chick. And they are not freaking relaxing gel eye-pad thingies (Which I wouldn't have time to use anyway, so why would I steal them, Man, why?? And, secondly, if I pinched them from the hotel, why would they say "Playboy"? And where the hell is my chocolate? No. Wait.... What?). The question is, for the Man's benefit- What the hell are those?*

*For the answer, please turn your computer monitor upside down. No.. wait.. don't. Here it is.

** *Ahem*. Evidently, this post has been in the drafts folder for a while. Becausewhen I wrote it, that link took you directly to the page for the identical product as the one in my picture. A page that no longer exists. So I've linked the next best thing. Just imagine them branded Playboy. Yep, chicken fillets. And not the eatin' kind. Be-be-b'jerk!! (And that's a chicken noise. Obviously.)

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Let's Play "What The Hell Is That?!" + the man