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The Bump Does Children Of The Corn

I'm sure it's not just me.

You know how some days you take photos of your kids, and in one frame they are just gorgeous, edible, cute enough to squeeze?

And then the next frame they show their true colors have that full on creepy evil child look about them, more like they will eat you in your sleep, given half the chance?

Do you remember back when you first turned eighteen and filling in surveys was enjoyable and made you feel like an adult...? No? Just me...?

Whatever. Virgin has a survey for Aussie mums running here. You could win five grand. It- honestly- only takes about 150 seconds and the bonus is that it will make you ask yourself the big questions- like what you want for the future of your kids. Again, maybe it's me, but I seem to get so caught up in lunches and washing and bedtime stories, I forget about the Big Picture. Being asked to think hard about it refreshing, if nothing else.

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The Bump Does Children Of The Corn + yep this ones sponsored