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I Can't F*cking Shut Up Wednesday

Mushi mushi,

It's been pointed out that some people- namely Cate from I'll Think of a Title Later, but I'm sure there are plenty more people out there- who really dislike Wordless Wednesday posts where the blogger prattles on incessantly about the photo and still calls it "Wordless".Or "Almost Wordless." Or "Nearly Wordless".

Fair call, that. Let's not say a spade's a chicken, and all that jazz. But, let's face it, my photos are fairly crap-tastic. And this is a blog. If I wanted wordless, I'd have a Tumblr or a Flickr or something.

Whatever. In honor of a happy medium, I'm just going to call my post's 'I Can't F*cking Shut Up Wednesday'. And link them up at BabbleOn anyway.

*ahem* *cough*

My new clown shoes. A very early birthday present from my lovely mate Auntie Mickey, who knows how much I've always wanted a real, live, girly pair of ultra-huge shoes to do the vacuuming in clown in. Not that I'm doing a lot of clowning these days, but that doesn't matter. Awesome shoes are awesome shoes. And these shoes are total awesomeness.

Why, yes, those are my white, knobbly knees, thanks for asking...

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I Can't F*cking Shut Up Wednesday + wordless wednesday