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FlogYoBlog Friday- The Very Last Edition for 2010

Auld lang syne (I freaking hate that song),

Well, Blog Floggers, this is the very last FlogYoBlog Friday for it's inaugral year, anni dominni 2010. Or something. Started by HRH MummyTime quite a few months ago now, FlogYoBlog Friday has grown from relatively modest beginnings to a massive linky list of like-minded bloggers.

Then MummyTime passed FlogYoBlog onto RRSAHM. And the whole thing went to crap from there.

Seriously, though, if you are new here, you can check out all the technical instructions here. And welcome. FlogYoBlog is the biggest non-specific Aussie blog hop- you can link up anything you like. The linky list is populated with a cast of truly awesome bloggers. The only rule anyone pays any attention to is to spread the love. (That'd be Rule Number Five, for those of you playing at home.)

And, yeeeeeessss, I know it's New Years Eve. Happy New Years!! I will be home by 9pm tonight. Like the total loser responsible parent I am. And I'm running FlogYoBlog Friday for all of you who are doing the same.

And, that's it. It's been a good year, yes? 2011 will be even better, I guess. I have just one piece of advice for you. I learnt it the hard way on Wednesday. No matter how much your ex-boyfriend may look like Bear Grylls, and how much Man vs Wild you've been watching on YouTube, do not call fore mentioned ex-boyfriend. It will only end badly. In tears. With you feeling like you're 15 years old again. Prick.

The Rules.

  1. Follow my blog, the Random Ramblings of a SAHM. I never seem to get to reading all the links here. But believe me, I try. Not that any of this is my idea anyway- FYBF is MummyTime's brainbaby. I stole it.
  2. Grab the bubbly button and post it on your sidebar.
  3. Link your First Name and/or Blog Name and URL of your post or blog.
  4. Add a short description (max of 125 chars). It could be a description of yourself, your blog or a teaser to your latest post. .
  5. Follow at least 1 linkyer/blogger (Be nice and spread the love).
  6. The list will be open for linkyers on Fridays (and for the foreigners Friday as well).
  7. A new and fresh link list will open every Friday. And you will have to link up AGAIN. The previous link list does not carry over to the following week.
  8. And lastly, have lotsa fun. I mean it. If I detect anyone not totally loving the awesomeness, I will bump you off the linky list. (Joking) (Kinda).
  9. Ripping off my stuff- including these rules- makes baby Jesus cry. if you are doing your own blog hop, please write your own rules. You know who you are.
  10. rrsahm

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FlogYoBlog Friday- The Very Last Edition for 2010 + stupid things lori does