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Sunny days,

Heya, jellybeans, it's giveaway time! I know, I know, good fun. Everyone loves a giveaway, especially when it's of the oh-so-super-cute variety.

OK, first up, let's rewind a bit. For those of you who haven't been reading RRSAHM for too long now (where on Earth have you been?) Abby Cadabby, the funky pink fairy from Sesame St, and I are home girls. We go waaaay back. We share a taste for pink, purple and magical. It's a fairy thing, OK?

Sooo, the Abster rang me the other day, from her fairy phone, and she was all like "Hey, Lori, what's up?", and I was all like, "Hey, Abster, how's it hanging?". And then she was all like "I have this really cute Sesame St stuff that I want to send you to give away to the awesome people who read your blog!"; and I was all like "Yayness, Abby, bring it on!".

End of story.

No.. wait... there's more.

Whatever. Abby sent to me some way cool stuff. For the Chop there was this groovy doovy, a Sesame St Elmo Neck Support...

....which is now officially known as the Elmo Caterpillar. It's soft, squishy and seamless and veeery comfy. We've had a few of these doovie thingies that we've bought for long car trips and most of them are chronically uncomfortable. Not this one. It now officially lives in my massive over-sized Mary-Poppins-style nappy bag. And gets itself five outta five jellybeans on the RRSAHM-ranking-stuff-scale.

I forgot to do the border on this picture. Maybe no one will notice.

Item number two in my Special Package From Abby Cadabby caused much a fluster in the Purple House. Dum dum de dum... allow me to introduce... Sesame St Talking tee-shirts!!

And in this one, I forgot to crop out my toes. Again, maybe no one will notice.

And allow the cute overload to officially begin. Because these things are cute. Sooooo cute. Cuter than the owl in the hat. I'm in cute-heaven-love-stuff. Or something.

Quite sadly, all three very cute talking tee-shirts were too small for my kidlets. Well, not sadly for you guys, because if they fit I may not be giving them at all. One of them- Miss Abby Cadabby- was happily adopted by the Bump's doll Mary. Here she is, modeling it for us.

Altogether now- awwww! Too cute! *Vomit*.

Now, to address the salient points here, there was much discussion on Twitter as to whether these shirts would, in fact, be annoying. The answer is- nada!! Honestly, it's one short phrase and it's soft- loud enough for little ones to hear, not to quite loud enough to drive you bat-sh*t.

If you know what I mean.

Salient point number two- the washing of the shirt. Dun dun. (Sorry, I am in a musical kinda mood today.) I was more than a little skeptical about this. Especially considering the washing instructions were so minimal I actually couldn't find them. So I just threw the whole shirt in the wash as normal. And said a little prayer to the GoogleGod of all things electronic.

And- voila!- it still works! And the fabric washes beautifully too.

And just to prove how extremely cute these shirts are,I've made you a very quick video....

So, ladies and jellybeans and monsters and others, the new Sesame St kids range is available exclusively from Target, starting, like, yesterday. Go forth and buy, minions!

But I have two talking tee-shirts to give away to one lucky RRSAHM reader. We gots an Elmo in a size 00, a girls one, and a Cookie Monster in a size 000, a uni-sex one. Winner takes all- just leave me a comment about anything relevant, with a valid email address. Competition closes Thursday 6th Januray at 8pm, winner announced on Twitter and by email and chosen at Random. Aussie peeps only, sorry, but that overseas postage is a killer. And yadda yadda yadda.

That's all, folks. As we say, it's just so... magical!!

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