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Lori vs Man vs Wild

On nom,

I don't know exactly how I've missed this phenomenon. It seems I'm a little slow on the uptake. RRSAHM- Six months behind the cool kids. Or something. It happens a lot. Remember when I finally discovered Old Spice guy, quite a while after the rest of the interwebs? Yuhuh? Well, it has happened again.

Introducing, my new tv-man-crush.... Bear Grylls. You know- the guy who eats the head off live snakes from Man vs Wild.


Disclaimer- I saw this show for the very first time last night. Bear was eating the frozen, raw brains of a raw, frozen squirrel. In the snow, obviously.

Now, I've heard a lot about Man vs Wild, from various trendy trend setters who watch SBS and know what the go is. All the cool shoes are on SBS people- South Park, MythBusters, Man vs Wild. But for all I'd heard about it, I was expecting Bear to be... well.. old. A bit like Alby Mangel.

No one told me he was a spunk. A manly, useful, rugged, mountain climbing, snake eating, possibly-smelly-but-in-that-good-manly-way spunk.


The reason no one has told me this, I fear, is because the only person who thinks Bear Grylls is a total spunk is.... me. Highly possible. So, I'm going to totally rip off Mummy Mayhem, just this once, and do a poll.....

Hot...? ( He'd be good in a Holocaust, and could totally take care of you and keep you warm and I imagine he would be really good in bed).

or Not...? (He... erm.... eats some really strange things. And has been known to drink his own urine. But I'm sure we can ignore that.. right?)

Now, in the interest of integrity and all that good crap, I feel it's only fair to let you all know that my mate Emma believes I only find Bear so devastatingly attractive because he is the spitting image- bar the accent- of the very First Guy I Ever Fell In Love With. I was tempted to pinch a photo from this guy's FaceBook and put it up here for comparison, but decided that was probably not a good idea in this day and age of rampant litigation.

Whatever. What Emma says is true- Bear and the First Guy I Ever Fell In Love With are very, very much alike. Which makes the need for a poll even more pertinent. Or something.

Tell me, jellybeans...

Bear Grylls- Hot, or Not?

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Lori vs Man vs Wild + stuff that makes me happy