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You did it how many times???

Shh! It's sexy guest post number two from Sarah at Just Me

Hello lovely Lori followers,

It's my turn today to talk to you about s. e. x.

I'm sure that both Lucy & Lori have wonderful stories about their post children romps, but sadly no such luck there's no interesting story in the Just Me house post children. Though I am thinking it's about time to rectify that!

My story is from long ago, prior to children & even prior to marriage. Oh my goodness I hear you all say, "you had sex before marriage?" Yep indeedily doodily I did, but it doesn't count because we were engaged ok?

We were both 18, (yes I was engaged at 18) it was a friend's 18th birthday and hubby's parents were out of town so you can imagine what we did..... Had a party at their house of course.

The party was as can be expected drinking, singing bad karoake & all that sort of stuff....

At some point during the night hubby (well, fiance at the time) & I retired to his bedroom. The relationship was still very new and well you can imagine where it went.

Someone once told me that a man can physically only have sex three times in one day. Let's just say we bypassed three, four, five, six and finished off at seven.... I think it was a space of around 12 hours.

One tip if you go for a marathon though...... Beware of aaahhh friction burns, apparently they are quite painful ;)

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You did it how many times??? + sarah is the coolest person ever