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Hey my TonyHead,

Everyone else seemed to be such a tiny part of our lives, hey? We were so cellular. Our little purple complex, and everything was beautiful.

I remember everything. You know that, right? Even the things I thought I'd forgotten... I remember them now.

The very first time I realised, like a light bulb clicking on, that you were flirting with me. And you telling me, in perfect detail twelve months later, what I was wearing that day and how gorgeous and sweet and innocent you thought I was.

I remember sitting in a park in Glebe on our first date.

I remember the first huge argument we had, over some chick you knew, and how we managed to spend five hours apart before I was back, crawling into your bed, saying I was sorry, and you ruffled my hair and called me a boofhead.

I remember your voice shaking, and you got down on one day and asked me "Will you do the honour of becoming my wife... one day, eventually?" on the packed dirt floor of the old elephant enclosure at the zoo.

Because, you told me in your wedding speech, elephants are lucky.

You were so proud of that speech- and so you should have been, I was proud of you. I've never been so proud in my whole life as what I was that night, on the dance floor, arms wrapped around you, you whispering to me how perfect this was, how this was the best party you'd ever been to.

I remember you squeezing my hands, rubbing my hair, bringing me ice when I was in labour. Joking with me that I had eaten all the ice, and me crying, because didn't you understand that was a tragedy??

I remember, we got pissed that last Christmas night. I'm so glad we did. In all the time we were together, I only saw you drunk a handful of times. And it seems like something a husband and wife should do together, get shitfaced.

You told me you loved me ten times a day. I loved that so much about you- that we told each other, and our kids, how much we loved them, all the time.

I miss you, you know that? the shock wears off... and the ache for you, it gets worse.

You told me, so may times, that no matter happened in our lives, we would always be best mates. We knew each other's souls, inside out.

I miss you. I'd give anything, just for one more second... I'd give the rest of my life, for one more night with you.

That's the hardest part about all this. All I want is you, and you.. you're dead.

It's just so hard, not to want to die too.

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