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Melbourne, Part One- That's A Cow

I'm in Melbourne.

I have this theory, in the irrational part of my mind, that imagines people leaving trails of glowing green phorserance as they travel countries, cities, the globe.

It feels good to make new trails, fresh ones, rather than retrace where I've been so many times.

My mate Bunny and I did the 12 hour drive last night. Well, if I'm honest, Bunny did most of the driving. I slept a lot of the way. I did, however, take the first leg- from Paradise to Canberra. This involved a short cut that I found on Google maps.

Probably not one of my better ideas. A two hour drive on a dirt, corrugated road was not so awesome. We saw one house, one car, five letterboxes, one wallaby, two rabbits, five wombats (three dead, two alive). And a cow.

If you ever come across a black cow, on a very dark night, standing smack in the middle of the road, at half past two in the morning... well. Bunny and I were both squinting at a white blob, fifty metres ahead, when that blob suddenly materalised into a cow's face. A very cranky cow's face, who didn't appreciate a car suddenly stopping six foot on front of him. A cranky cow who then sized us up and refused to move until I beeped repeatedly. Probably waking up every one of the six households within a two hundred kilometre range.


Tonight and tomorrow were supposed to be spent crashing at one of Bunny's mates places. Bunny neglected to mention that this was in a house with not even one but two happy families- mummy, daddy, little kid.


They were absolutley lovely people, and beautiful kids, and I felt like a rude, ungrateful bitch when I said I could not stay there, I had to go to hotel...

I'm far too tired to explain. I'm sure you all understand.

I'm headed off to the CBD tomorrow to shop, eat, drink coffee, and shop some more. And just soak in the vibe. So far, Melbourne seems so organised and responsible and arty- even the freeways are interesting, with artwork and colour everywhere.

For a city with such a gray background, it already feels colourful.

Melbourne. The rainy city.... four seasons in one day. I Tweeted, announcing my arrival, and got these Tweets back, within four minutes of each other....

Hehe. Awesome.

More adventures tomorrow. Although, really, I'm not sure anything can top that cow*....

*Oddly, I've blogged cows in random places before. Top work, Lori. Scintillating.

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Melbourne, Part One- That's A Cow + travel