Super Sonic + yep this ones sponsored

The One Where I Exploit My Kid


You may have noticed a great big void where I usually am in the social medias since Thursday. For the third time in a year I'm able to say- I don't think I've ever been sicker in my life. So not cool.

The trouble with being a single-business-blogger-person is.... when you drop one ball, you drop many. Watch in amusement this week as I scramble to pick them back up, starting with this one...

You heard the kid. The more people who watch this video, the better our chance of keeping the TV....go, share, be social.

And, speaking of being social, I am determined to make it to Blogopolis 2012 on Saturday, as sponsored by Female For Life- they specialize in active wear, maternity wear, and making women feel awesome- real women, like you and me- not Barbie dolls.

Amongst other balls dropped this week was the newsletter.... it may be coming, or we may just call the next one a Bumper Monthly Edition and be done with it. Whatever. Winter is killing me, one temperature drop at at time.

Bring on spring.

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The One Where I Exploit My Kid + yep this ones sponsored