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Lori vs Jellybeans

Once upon a time, pregnant with my first child, I remember telling my husband that I wished I'd had professional photos taken of myself before I fell pregnant. It was pure, unadulterated vanity and I'm happy to stand by that. It was for the simple fact that I wanted to immortalize my body as it was, before kids, passionately believing that I'd never ever look that good again.

By the forces of sloppy mismanagement and sheer good luck, I was wrong. I actually probably look better now than I did before I had babies. And I'm much more confident.

Besides all that, I have a much greater appreciation for photos now than I ever have Before. The older my children get, the smaller the cache of photos I have of them with their dad appears.

Anyway. Throw that healthy vanity together when a new revere for digital memories, and I find myself with an idea lurking. A good problogger always needs an enticing headshot.

So here’s my new one.

Welcome to Lori vs Jellybeans, a retro photo shoot with a difference.

I love it when I find people who are happy and inspired to run with pretty much any crazy idea. These people and I, we understand each other. So when I contacted uGook Photography on the recommendation of a friend and they didn't even bat an eyelid at my proposal of bringing ten kilos of jellybeans with me to fling around their studio, I knew I had found my photographers.

Number One
In a way that's completely not like me at all, it was the morning of the shoot that I realized I hadn't thought to bribe, guilt or coerce one of my mates to come with me for moral support. And considering the fact that I was soon going to be all dressed up and attempting not to feel like a dick while I did all my best Megan Gale poses, that seemed like a serious oversight on my behalf.

Number Two
I shouldn't have been so worried. Husband and wife Nick and Gabi from uGook were so lovely and funny and have obviously done this a thousand times– it literally took me ten minutes before all that 'My arms are one hundred feet long!' self consciousness disappeared. They specialise in all sorts of stuff including retro, vintage and boudoir photography.

And as you can see, the hair and make up were to die for.

Number Three
The studio was so warm and comfy I even stripped off for undie shots... I know. While I bought my own jellybeans, all other props and costumes were from the huge selection- a Kylie Showgirl style feather head dress and a pool table for Underbelly style glamour- on site at the uGook studio.

Heh- no number here... this one is not going on the header. Nice try.
The uGookers plied my confidence with champers, coffee and food (other than jellybeans, which really weren't fit for consumption following their starring role), and organized the hair and make up. I even had a digital copy of my photos via Dropbox within twenty four hours.

Number Four
And I had just so much fun. The four hour shoot was wrapped up way before I got bored. I bubbled my way home and through the next couple of days, reaching fever pitch once I had copies of the shots to show off to just about every one.

Number Five
As well as immortalizing how freaking awesome I am so, thirty years from now, I can ignore my grandchildren rolling their eyes while I make them look at mah' albums again; the whole objective of this shoot was to redesign the RRSAHM header. But with all the photos being so awesome, and me being on the inside of this blog looking out... it's too difficult to choose.

Number Six
So, my jellybeans– I need your help. The shots above are numbered, one to seven. Which is your favorite? Which would work best up there at the top of the page?

Which shot would best fill this space here...?

Thanks for your input my lovely ones. I'll have the official verdict– and the new header– up and looking bright and shiny very, very soon.

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