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Today, I woke up earlier than I have in months.

Roused from that blackness by the sound of myself... giggling. Surprised by something I haven't heard for such a long time, I wasn't sure it was possible anymore.

My own laughter popping and breaking like fat iridescent bubbles in sunshine.

I think, for today, for now... that's all I'll write. I'm not accustomed to keeping things close, it feels like an act of physical exertion to hold things within my fingers rather than infusing them into words.

But I've had so very little of this, and it feels like something... real.

And happiness can be soap bubbles, too. Maybe the vibration of speaking too much could break them.


Posted, by me, earlier today on IG and various social networks...

The fact that any of you think of me at all is just so beyond awesome it baffles me... I'm not sure what goodness I've done to deserve this the pouring of love and support I get, but I'm always, always grateful for it.

You guys are... tops.

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