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The Washing Fairy

Another post from the Before... I thought something light was needed after yesterday, no...?


Dirt is good,

As we know, here is the Purple House I go all FlyLady style and wash at least once a day, every day. I have to, remember? It's part of the Minimum Code of HouseKeeping Conduct. Every second day, I wash twice a day, to accommodate the load of very pretty, stinky cloth nappies (diapers, whatever) that have accumulated in the pile.

Erm.. not this kind of washing Fairy, thanks anyway RetroToGo.

And I'm big on sunshine. The dryer very rarely gets a workout, everything goes out on the clothesline. The totally crap clothesline that is not a huge, efficient Hills Hoist but rather one of those stupid pull-out-from-the-wall lines that only just fits one load of washing, plus one load of diapers (nappies, whatever).

To add to that, because our backyard is a shrine to rampant consumerism, with it's spa, outdoor setting, barbecue, sandpit and so on and so forth; the only conceivable place for the clotheslines to go is in the three metre wide space between two two-story houses. It's in shade for more than half the day. In winter, my clothesline actually grows moss on the cement underneath it.


And still, I persist with the cloth whatever (nappies,diapers). It's the sense of smug satisfaction that I get whenever I bring in a clean, shiny, pretty, fresh, smellin' o' sunshine load that keeps me going on.


That is totally not the point of this post.

I'm here to find out- am I the only lucky SAHM who is blessed with a Washing Fairy?

She doesn't do the washing- I imagine it would be far too heavy, for a fairy, and the ammonia fumes from the nappy bucket would clear knock her out. Besides that, as we know, housework fairies are lazy. I still haven't heard from my Cleaning Fairy. Bitch.

What the Washing Fairy does do, is leave me little surprises. Don't get her confused with the WashBasket Troll, who puts tissues and *ahem* packets of cigarettes in the pockets of clothes, to be run through the wash and cause a great big mess.

The Washing Fairy leaves monetary rewards for a job well done.

It's been a while since she visited. I was actually thinking she'd run off with cleaning fairy. But, lo and behold, just the other day I went to (totally awesomeness brand new front loading) washing machine (which I would highly recommend, because, as I said, it's totally awesomeness) and- huzzah!

The Washing Fairy has been!!

And what's even better, is the Man knows not of her existence. Nobody tell him. I'm fairly sure this Washing Fairy pilfers his cash to reward my work, not having gainful employment of her own. But that will be our little secret.


Washing Fairy, you are rock and roll. Don't ever leave.

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