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Sunshine Awards!


It must just be the day- I've been very honoured to accept another two blog awards- both of them Sunshine-y awards! And goodness knows we need some sunshine here at the moment, with the Man still hospitalised. The Single Mummy Experiment is onto Day Eleven and starting to look like it might stretch into a whole month. The stats look like this-

Day Eleven.
Frazzle Meter Reading : Low.
Exhaustion Meter Reading: Moderate.
Sexual Frustration Meter Reading: Catastrophic.
Cigarettes Smoked: More then enough.
Times shouted: One or two, perhaps.

Anyway, enough about me. Onto the awards!

First off, thanks to the Starry-Eyed Girl over at Daughter of the Stars for presenting me with this one...

...which I'm going to pass onto my gorgeous friend Sarah over at Just Me. She not only reads and comments on my blog regularly (either her or her secret alter ego- she's a very busy woman!) but she introduced me to this whole blogging thing, and I do thank her for it, as addictive as it is.

Speaking of Sarah- how's this for sharing the love?- it was Her Loveliness who presented me with my second award. That's this one...

.... and as a condition of acceptance, I need to share with you my favorite blogs.

And the winners are....

Daughter of the Stars
A Study in Contradictions
Tiny Little Reveries

I think I'll leave it there. Please, ladies, if you're swamped with awards, tax time, wedding planning or otherwise, don't feel obliged to accept or respond or whatever you want to call it. Just know that I love your blogs, I look forward to reading your new posts, they inspire me and brighten my day. Sharin' the love!!

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Sunshine Awards! + Single Mummy Experiment