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I see dead people. On my imaginary iPhone

Hi all,

Big *sigh*. It's my sad duty to inform you we have yet another entrant into the 'Stupid Things Lori Does' Files. That's two in one week. I do it all for you, Followers, all for you....

Anyways, some of you might remember I like to fancy myself as a bit of an amateur ghost hunter. I love all that creepy stuff. So when a mate of ours told he had a truly awesome ghost piccie on his phone, taken in the Mushroom Tunnel at Picton, of course I wanted to see.

And now I'll share it with you.

Creepy, huh? Cheeky thing, on the right of that guy who I definitely don't have permission from to publish this.

Here's a close up.

I passed it on, raved about it, even sent it to the psychic woman who runs Picton Ghost Tours. She was sucked in too. Some psychic- she certainly didn't see this one coming.

Here's a piccie of me. with the same ghost. In my friend Kimmy Ann's garage. See her, to the right, in the background? (If I could PhotoShop, I'd add an arrow. I can't)

Turns out, iPhone really does have an app for everything, even adding ghosts. Who woulda thunk it?

In my defence, the original was done exceptionally well, in a very haunted place. And I was not the only one sucked in. I swear. there were others. It's just that I was the most vocal about it. As usual.

So, yeah. I see dead people. Just another reason I really, really need an iPhone.

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I see dead people. On my imaginary iPhone + stupid things lori does