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Partial Nudity at the Public Pool

A very chilled out Sunday to y'all,

Well, for your amusement, I am kinda pleased to share a brand new entry in the 'Stupid Things Lori Does' files. This one is hot and fresh- in fact, it happened yesterday morning, just after the Chop finished his swim lesson.

Allow me to set the scene- Chop and I jump out of the pool, a bit chilly and teeth a-chattering, and make a beeline for a change room. Change rooms are hotly contested property after swim lessons on a Saturday. Especially the ones with showers. If you're not on the ball, you will find yourself and your little one braving tinea and frozen appendages in one of the unheated, communal changing dungeons.

Yesterday was our lucky day- a cubicle, with a shower, all to ourselves. I quickly throw on my clothes, stick the Chop's hooded Elmo towel over his head, and pull up his Pull-Up.

That's when I hear a sad sound. The sound of teeth chattering, just outside the cubicle door.

So, being the bleeding bloody heart I am, I throw open the door. And there is a Good Dad, waiting with his Freezing Daughter, for the very change room we are occupying.

What's a Good Samaritan to do, when we are dry and relatively warm, and Freezing Daughter is beginning to turn shades of purple? I flash him my bestest smile.

"All yours. The little one can get dressed out here, he's not modest".

Good Dad falters. "Uuuhhh, are you sure? We don't mind waiting."

"No, no, go ahead, it's fine."

"Errrmmm, no, it's OK."

"No, really, take the change room, mate".

Good Dad blushes, fumbles and manoeuvres Freezing Daughter into the cubicle. I do my patented head shake.

What is wrong with this bloke, resisting the offer of a muchly coveted change room-with-shower?

That's when it hits me.

I know what's wrong.

In my Good Samaritan haste, I have neglected to put a shirt on.

And am wearing only a bra.

Boobies, dress, smile, and more:

Partial Nudity at the Public Pool + stupid things lori does