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Auntie Mickey

Howdy 'do,

I'd like to introduce you all to someone. Meet Auntie Mickey.

I'll give you three guesses why we call her that.

Did you get it? She's got a bit of a thing for Mickey Mouse, which has most definitely been passed onto the Chop.

She's the Chop's God-mum, and she'll be the Bump's God-mum too, when we get around to getting her baptised. All in good time.

In my Adult Life, Auntie Mickey's name is Kimmy Ann, and she is my best mate. We met nine years ago when we were both learning Auslan at TAFE.

She was my bridesmaid. And she looked so beautiful. (This is where I won't mention how she drunk two bottles of champagne before we even left for the ceremony).

She's laughed with me, cried with me, signed with me. She was there with me when the Chop was born. And one day, I'm sure, we will go into business together and make at least one of our dreams a reality- either the customised pizza shop at Airlie Beach, or the mobile customised pie cart where you choose your own pie filling. Maybe even the Auslan puppet show for primary schools.

Or maybe not.

I'm very lucky to have a friend like you Kimmy. And all I've got to say to you is this.

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