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Why I'm Afraid of The Big Blue Twitter Bird

Twat's up tweeps,

Ok. I don't Twitter. Or Tweet. Or Tweep. Or whatever the hell you call it. I know many, many, many of you do.

It's not that I'm not tempted. Believe me, I am. Why, think of all the things I could have Twooped, just in the last couple of hours...

My husband thinks I'm a klepto.

Taco's or shepherd's pie for dinner?

Crap poetry just posted on my blog!

I'm about to put both my children out for the garbo to take.

What's a 'nibiru'?

And that's just the beginning. Interesting, aren't I? Follow me, wouldn't you? Course you would. I rock.

Sometimes, my temptation to Twite is peaked. This post by Thea did it a couple of weeks ago. The little Twitter feed Sarah had on her blog enticed me, especially the link to the giant Oreo cake she posted.

That little blue bird is everywhere, and he scares the bejeepers outta me

I have one very addictive personality- have you guessed that yet? A personality that could serve the Twitter Bird just as well as it serves the Blog Muse.

Let's not go there. I must resist. Twitter me not.

Let's just hope the cynics are correct and Twitter goes the way of MySpace sometime in the near future. The blue, tweeting dodo bird. And then it won't be an issue anymore.

One can only hope.

Oh, and a Happy FlogYoBlog Friday to y'all. Even those of you with the little blue bird lurking on your pages.

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Why I'm Afraid of The Big Blue Twitter Bird + Websites